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Concept statement: During these confusing times, this can be how some people feel; surprise, shocked, or even mind-distorting. The background would most likely be plain or a light background so it doesn’t take anything away from the subject. Content The subject would be surprised and taken back, representing these abnormal times (also signified by the mask).

This abnormality would also be shown by the “chaotic” colors. The artwork made very well use of shading as well as atmospheric perspective; everything that was close was darker and everything that was further away was lighter. The robots also had pretty nice details added to them and you could tell they were really close because of it.

The mountains doesn’t have any contour lines which made them seem far away. She really exaggerated this difference in depth to a great degree.

I also really like the clouds; they have a nice layer of shading. However, the art could include some more details and have more than just hills and clouds; it does get a little bland once you look at it too long. In general, I think the art was really nicely executed and utilized shading proficiently. These new forms of movement allow the user to travel faster and more efficiently.

And, our current solution, which is to build upwards, will most likely be implemented.

Ackroyd, Norman (b.1938), 'A Scottish Landscape', Etching, 1973
Ackroyd, Norman (b.1938), 'A Scottish Landscape', Etching, 1973

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