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It’s part of a “prep package.” But it’s not until Q3 2021 that those Mach-E owners can purchase and activate the new ADAS features via an over-the-air update or at a Ford dealership. However, that will be limited to about 100,000 miles of divided highways across North America. An advanced infrared driver-facing camera will track eye gaze and head position to ensure drivers are paying attention to the road while in Hands-Free Mode as well as hands-on Lane Centering Mode, which works on any road with lane lines. Ford trumpeted two enhancements that come with the Mach-E’s Co-Pilot 360 2.0 standard package: Road Edge Detection and Blind Spot Assist. Those capabilities sound similar to GM’s SuperCruise, which was released two years ago. Otherwise, it’s more disconcerting and uncomfortable to experience the on-again, off-again transitions.

Ford conveniently doesn’t mention what Tesla has but is not available with the Mach-E.

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