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If you’ve ever wondered where Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca and their cronies hang out between making Star Wars films, look no further than the out-of-this-world home in a gated Los Angeles Hidden Hills neighborhood that is now for sale. Now with their hideout finally discovered and no longer a well-kept secret, it has just been put on the market, priced at $26.5 million.

Considering visitors from far-away galaxies have used it as their home away from home, it’s only fitting that on the hill on the back of the property there is a stargazing observatory with a powerful rotating telescope to make Luke’s guests feel right at home.

. . all the while surrounded by a multi-million dollar Star Wars prop and collectible collection.

The stunning Hidden Hills estate that has been harboring a galactic secret is now for sale to any earthling with $26.5 million.

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