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6 reasons to paint in black and white

Here are six reasons why you should paint in black and white.Regular practice working in black and white will not only serve to improve your drawing skills but also prevent those errors occurring as often in future.Subtle tones become clearerWorking in black and white requires a subtler transition between light and dark areas.

6 reasons to paint in black and white
A focus on compositionCompositional mistakes (the kind you don’t want to keep) are more obvious and so easier to rectify in black and white.

Black and white simplifies everything, which in turn highlights all these beautiful marks and the impact they have on a finished piece.

Black And White Paintings

Black And White PaintingsYou don't need color to be striking, and these black and white paintings prove that.Look for muted black and whites or pictures with harsh shadows.

Black And White Paintings
From Darth Vader to a black stallion nuzzling up to a white horse, we have all sorts of portraits here.

Also included are those from black and white sitcoms like Leave it to Beaver, I Love Lucy, and I Dream of Jeannie.


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